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VINCI Highways awarded new management contract for freeflow transactions and customer services on Dublin ring road (M50)

VINCI Highways awarded new management contract for freeflow transactions and customer services on Dublin ring road (M50)

18. 04. 2019 - 17:45 - Neuaufträge - Irland

· Un nouveau contrat d’une valeur globale de 373 millions d’euros attribué par Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
· Une solution globale pour gérer les transactions en flux libre au service de 145 000 véhicules par jour en moyenne
· Une plateforme intégrée de relations-clients pour améliorer l’expérience utilisateur et augmenter le taux d’abonnement

Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the state agency in charge of roads and railways infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland, just signed an 11-year contract with Turas, a joint-venture comprising VINCI Highways, subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, and Abtran, the largest Irish-owned business process management provider, to manage freeflow transactions services and customer relations on the Dublin ring road (M50 motorway). With an average of 145.000 vehicles each day, Dublin ring road is the most heavily trafficked corridor of Ireland’s national roads network.

VINCI Highways and Abtran will combine their expertise to deliver a complete service covering all technology, systems and operations to support freeflow transactions, payment collection and transmission to the state agency TII. The contract includes installing and operating a new gantry crane with sensors to detect incoming vehicles, cameras and beacons for reading plates and tags. It also includes the design, implementation and management of a new back-office platform with data processing and information management capabilities to facilitate transactions. Implemented by VINCI Highways’ subsidiary TollPlus, the new back-office will allow TII to better meet the demands of today, and effectively handle projected growth in transaction volume.

VINCI Highways and its partner Abtran will also provide customer services to drivers by optimising processes and performance of a global communications platform that includes a contact center and various digital interfaces. To develop the number of e-subscribers, VINCI Highways and Abtran, alongside TII, will also develop new Mobility-as-a-Service schemes, increasing customers’ convenience while meeting the urban challenges of the fast-growing Irish capital.

This new contract marks VINCI Concessions’ first project in the Republic of Ireland and demonstrates its capacity to expand its international outreach. VINCI Concessions now operates in 21 countries through its subsidiaries VINCI Airports, VINCI Highways and VINCI Railways.


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VINCI Highways, a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, is a world leader in road mobility. Through its global model, VINCI Highways designs, finances, builds and operates highways, urban networks, bridges and tunnels, technological platforms and customer services facilities in 14 countries. VINCI Highways’ network spans over +3,300 km worldwide and handles about 469 million vehicles per year. Its 5.100 employees deploy a unique expertise to keep roads running at best levels of performance and safety and provide drivers with a seamless customer experience.